This page is for scrapped stuff

Story Ideas Edit

The name of the story was changed a few times going from The Ultimate Crossover, Crisis across Dimensions. The final name is Portal Chaos.

There was going to be story named Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Last Invasion with the Giana Sisters as guest stars and it was going to continue into The Ultimate Crossover

The earliest final battle was going to have Raven from the injustice universe with Dimetenio and the Elementals as the true final boss.

There was going to be a scene involving Hex fighting against the Animatiocs from FNAF but was scrapped after FNAF3 came out.

The heroes were originally going to be inside the aircraft carrier travelling between worlds.

Scrapped Characters Edit

Foxy and the Mangle was going to show up fighting Hex but that was taken out when FNAF3 came out.

The Titans from he TTG! was going to show but were removed because they were more ruder and stupider.

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