King Bowser Koopa Sr, also known as King Koopa, and also known (in Japan) just by his surname Koopa, is the main antagonist of the Mario series. And is the archenemy of Mario and Luigi, He rules over the turtle-like Koopa Troopa race and is constantly striving to expand his kingdom by conquering the Mushroom Kingdom, although his plans are always spoiled by his arch-enemy Mario. He's in love with Princess Peach, and his attempts of conquest always include kidnapping her in one form or another.

Section headingEdit

Bowser is one of the big villains who causes trouble in other universes with his army.

Bowser's TerrorityEdit

This lists all the Castle and Lands Bowser has

  • Dark Land
  • Valley of Bowser
  • Bowser Badlands
  • Bowser's Villa

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