The main stories is lot more darker then the side stories.

There are side stories that don't add to the plot but introduces new characters that gets added to the main story.

Story Summary Edit

The story begins with Dr. Eggman and Dr. Neo Cortex meeting and planning fuse the multiverse in search of ancient relics in each world while recruiting villains from different worlds.

Coco first recruits Sonic and Tails in helping them stop their villains from finding the relics first, then later recruits Spyro and other heroes.

Story Edit

The story begins with Eggman and Cortex contacting each other via the Power Crystal, they agree to merge their worlds together and do the same to other worlds.

While Coco discovers the that Cortex is plotting to merge all worlds together and sends Crash to stop Cortex, While in Sonic's world Tails tells Sonic to stop Eggman from starting his plans.

After Crash and Sonic fail to stop their villains they retreat back to the bandicoots house, the worlds start merging together.

Coco tells Crash and Sonic to find heroes from different worlds.

Side Story Edit

Lisa Loud builds a portal machine to travel into any world, It works but for now they're trapped in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Lynn decides to try every sport that Mario and Friends have played before, while Lana and Lola go after Pipes and the Princess, Ashley and Penny meet Lucy and Lisa.

Lana finds a pipe and fixes it causing it to suck her to another universe and Mario jumps in to save her

Meanwhile in the Berry Bitty Universe Apple Dumpin' finds a Warp Pipe and gets sucked causing her to scream getting the to came running to the Pipe and they get sucked as well.

While Mario and Lana are in Inkpolis, Toad Town gets destroyed by Eggman's henchmen.